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A Shopper's Paradise: Orchard Park Shopping Mall

orchard park mallOne of the most happening places to hangout and shop in Kelowna is the 'Orchard Park Shopping Center' popularly known as Orchard mall by city youth. Orchard Park Shopping Centre is 673,000 square feet, centrally located, filled with over 150 stores including The Bay, Sears, Chapters, and Foot Locker. It not only caters to the taste of all age groups but it can provide you with quite a shopping experience as well.

The shopping centre has a variety of shops ranging from clothes, accessories, shoes, beauty products, kitchen appliances and telecommunication products. Popular stores include the Gap, American Eagle, Roots, Aldo, Sportchek etc... Most of the young girls prefer Garage, Jacob Connexion, Smart Set and Suzy Shier. Music lovers can be seen at the HMV store. If you are looking for a gift for a friend Carlton Cards, Pandora's Box and Hallmark might come to your rescue. For the perfectly married couple, looking to add to their home collection, Kitchen Niche and the Bombay Company might be interesting.

If you happen to get hungry while shopping, the Food Court will be your best bet where you can pick from Chinese, Greek, Japanese, Mexican and North American cuisine, and if you are craving for a fine dining experince, 'Milestones Restaurant' located at the enterance of the mall will welcome you.

Location: The mall is located on Highway 97 (Harvey Avenue) between Cooper Road and Dilworth Drive.
Map: Click for map location.

Image credit: Mark Ruthenberg

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  1. 1


    Its always tricky to shop at a new place because you cannot go back to return the goods.

    Posted at 05:03 PM, on April 16 2007
  1. 2

    Jubie said:

    I luv the mall. it's a great place to shop!

    Posted at 04:09 PM, on December 16 2007
  1. 3


    the mall is not a shoppers paradise. that title belongs to the west edmonton mall.
    the mall is a good place to shop though.

    Posted at 04:00 PM, on March 6 2008
  1. 4


    you rock
    but we need jacab jouir back

    Posted at 07:07 PM, on June 17 2008
  1. 5



    Posted at 12:15 PM, on July 22 2008
  1. 6

    something090 said:

    What's the store hours?

    Posted at 11:06 PM, on October 12 2008
  1. 7

    Aditi said:

    To view the latest mall hours, please visit:

    Posted at 02:32 PM, on October 14 2008
  1. 8

    blackbelt shopper said:

    I think it needs a webkinz store just for webkins. And a build a bear work shop!!!!: :)

    Posted at 10:53 PM, on January 27 2009
  1. 9

    Lorraine said:

    Please go to the village green mall vernon,bc (that's all I typed in.)
    Up popped exactly what I was looking for...their hours.
    Note this: I know the mall exists; the map is great...but it is the hours I can never remember.It amazes me that you do not post your hours on your web page. That is the first thing that should comeup with the map. I am sure MANY would agree.

    PS... I don't live in Kelowna...I'm 2 hours away!!!!

    Posted at 04:32 PM, on February 14 2009
  1. 10

    Isaiah said:

    I need to find a job at the mall i'm 14 years old

    Posted at 09:43 PM, on February 17 2009
  1. 11

    Kaelyb said:

    Orchard park mall is great, as for shopping hours all i know is its open till 9 on fridays .. and saturday?, and open until 6 on week days,
    the points made in here are true but many young girls favourites stores are these.
    Urban Planet, Urban behaviour, dynamite, Ardenes, Garage, American eagle, west 49, ect

    Posted at 08:23 PM, on March 15 2009
  1. 12

    Trevor Tarbox said:

    Visited Winfield from the UK for the month of May 2009 staying with our son. My wife and I shopped in the mall on many occasion during our 4 week stay in the area. We found it very easy to get around, the staff in all the stores we visited to be extremely professional and helpful, it was a pleasure to shop there. We look forward to our next visit which should be at the ame time next year. By UK standards it is not the biggerst mall but it certainly scores higher for the service it provides.See you in 2010.

    Posted at 04:05 PM, on June 20 2009
  1. 13

    Aditi said:

    Thanks Trevor. I am glad that you liked our mall. I hope we continue to provide such service to all residents and visitors.

    Posted at 11:46 PM, on June 29 2009
  1. 14

    craig said:

    Hi just wondering if there is any space left in the mall for a sushi bar as we are hoping to franchise over there in the not to distant future. Do you think it would be a hit in the mall as i dont know what the visitor figures are like there. Its not your average sushi bar though. Check out and tell me what you think..... Thanks

    Posted at 10:22 AM, on July 18 2009
  1. 15

    Lilly said:

    When is the sidewalk sale?

    Posted at 04:46 PM, on July 20 2009
  1. 16

    Bonnie Mills said:

    I desperately need a list of the store in the mall. I visited one store that I think was called Maggie McFee????? and would like to contact them for an order.

    Posted at 02:51 PM, on July 30 2009
  1. 17

    Janet said:

    What are the holiday hours for Monday, Aug particular, what time is Sears open?

    Posted at 11:57 PM, on July 31 2009
  1. 18

    Allya said:

    IS there a map of the inside of the mall?

    Posted at 10:17 PM, on August 24 2009
  1. 19

    Tanya said:

    Your site has no list of stores...WHY??
    I am trying to find a store that I just loved but cannot even find what you have in the mall. Very frustrating. Also your search engine only searches one way. I should be able to type in Art and all your stores that sell art should come up. Sorry but I am frustrated that I can't find what I am looking for. The mall map is too small to read and I couldn't find a way to zoom in. I think your site needs some Tweaking. I love your mall. Great Shopping.

    Posted at 12:36 PM, on December 8 2009
  1. 20

    Amber said:

    I have been searching the Orchard Park Mall website trying to find the hours for Santa Photos. If anyone could please tell me these hours or where I would find the information that would be greatly appriciated!

    Posted at 02:00 PM, on December 14 2009
  1. 21

    ron schlachter said:

    I tried purchasing gift certificates for my family living in Kelowna. The Lady on the phone says they aren't set up to do this over the phone so I have to come in person. I live in Calgary so I guess the mall just lost $ 600 worth of business. The lady says she gets this phone call often. My question is why aren't you set up to do this for out of town people ? I'm betting your tenants are losing a tonne of business.......

    Posted at 01:34 PM, on December 16 2009
  1. 22

    Paula Newbury said:

    Hi I was just in your shopping centre and there was a huge long semi-truck across 2 handi-cap sidewalk exit to my truck. I asked him if he knew he was in that zone and he said he is allowed to park any where he wanted handi-cap-fire hydrant-yellow line area. He was very rude to me. I am in a wheelchair and had to go to the Bay and exit there-then down beside chapters-exit from the mall to get to my vehicle. I wanted you to know that this was very dangerous for me due to the traffic on the road. Is this right for him to do this. The company name on the side of the truck was DHL. Thank-you for your time in this matter. Paula Newbury

    Posted at 05:40 PM, on December 16 2009
  1. 23

    Aditi said:

    Thanks for your feedback Ron. Many of my friends have faced the same dilemma. I agree that Kelowna Mall needs to have online gift certificate service. One of my friends ended up buying gift cards for some other stores like future shop and walmart and mailed them to her family.

    Posted at 06:14 PM, on December 22 2009
  1. 24

    Aditi said:

    Hi Paula

    Thanks for your feedback. We hope Kelowna DHL authorities will notice this comment and will instruct their drivers accordingly. It is indeed sad that how some people don't care about other people's needs.

    Posted at 06:19 PM, on December 22 2009
  1. 25

    Kate said:

    Kitchen niche is not in the mall anymore. if there is a way to update this post, you definitely should !!! there are a lot of great new stores that have recently opened that are not mentioned here.

    Posted at 02:00 AM, on January 9 2010
  1. 26

    Louise Peel said:

    Why don't you have the address on this site for a newcomer?

    Posted at 10:35 AM, on January 14 2010
  1. 27


    when is your january sidewalk sale?

    Posted at 01:46 AM, on January 29 2010
  1. 28

    RICHARD said:


    Posted at 12:05 PM, on February 6 2010
  1. 29


    we need a Build-a-bear workshop!!!..

    Posted at 09:49 PM, on February 8 2010
  1. 30

    Aditi said:

    Oh yeah, It would be great to have one!

    Posted at 04:48 PM, on February 10 2010
  1. 31

    Ian said:

    Anybody know what the plan is with the pub liquor store location (Tom Collins) I heard a best buy is going in there??!!

    Posted at 01:46 AM, on March 12 2010
  1. 32


    The mall is cool! It has great service and has some pretty good stores! But i think we should have a secound floor and should have Old Navy! =}

    Posted at 01:02 AM, on March 14 2010
  1. 33

    Jeremy said:

    Is there going to be a Best Buy in the Orchard park mall? and if so when does it open? and where will it be located in the mall.

    Posted at 01:30 PM, on April 6 2010
  1. 34

    Randy said:

    Too bad I can't browse their website on my iphone, the website requires Flash.

    Posted at 05:41 PM, on April 8 2010
  1. 35

    Job Seekers said:

    I think it is great that job postings are availabe under careers but how up-to -date is the list. Managers should remove postings once positions have been filled. All managers should be encouraged to list all opportunites in the Orchard Park Mall website. This would be a great resource if it was used effectively!

    Posted at 01:46 PM, on April 24 2010
  1. 36

    Jaye said:

    Hello, I live in England, but i'm coming over to stay with my Dad in 2 weeks time. I was wondering if there are any shops in the mall which sell bridesmaid dresses? I'm looking for some dresses to take back with me. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you

    Posted at 01:19 PM, on May 2 2010
  1. 37

    Harj said:

    I love the mall it is the best and I just went there yesterday and I heard that there will be aeropostale store coming soon and I heard BestBuy is opening 2011 in the grape lot... haha that will be sweet...

    Posted at 11:33 AM, on August 10 2010
  1. 38

    Minka said:

    The rumor I heard is that they are tearing out more of the parking lot to put in a Best Buy. I wonder if I can protest this? The parking lot is small enough as it is!

    Posted at 05:48 PM, on August 10 2010
  1. 39


    hi i really think we should get a abrocromie in our mall many more teens will buy from orchard plaza instead of ordering on line if we had one!!! just thought you shud know hehehe! :)

    Posted at 04:46 PM, on August 26 2010
  1. 40

    Brenda said:

    I recently met "The Reptile Guy" doing a show/display in the Mall in Penticton. It was awesome! Very educational and fun! How does a person go about getting him and his critters into Orchard Park Mall for a display? I think it would draw lots of people, as it did in Penticton. Thanks for the help anyone. :)

    Posted at 03:19 PM, on November 15 2010
  1. 41


    what is some purse stores called?

    Posted at 10:27 PM, on November 26 2010
  1. 42

    Yoruichi said:

    Can anyone provide a list of the stores in this mall? Im new to Kelowna and ive been only there 3 times, Im looking for stores that sells clothes like those in urban outfitters or forever 21, everytime I try to shop i always end up with the same stores american eagle and urban planet, is there any shops in the mall that I might have missed? thank you, great mall by the way I love the foodcourt ^^

    Posted at 08:16 AM, on December 28 2010
  1. 43

    Yoruichi said:

    I mean the complete list of stores, thank you ^^

    Posted at 08:19 AM, on December 28 2010
  1. 44

    Mac said:

    Cellcom wireless the Rogers cell store.
    The worst shop for service I ever experienced in my life.

    Posted at 12:43 PM, on March 23 2011
  1. 45

    Jacie said:

    I luv the mall, but amazingly enough, I wish there was a Build-A-Bear there...

    Posted at 01:40 PM, on July 19 2011
  1. 46

    Aditi said:

    Yes, it would be nice to have Build - A - Bear store in there..Soon perhaps!

    Posted at 10:33 PM, on July 31 2011

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