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Best Fish and Chips in Kelowna

Last week I had the opportunity to dine at the Shady Rest which is a British Fish & Chips restaurant located on the 1359 Sutherland Street. It's a tiny place, so don't blink because you'll drive right past it. According to Okanagan Life Magazine the Shady Rest finished as the second best fish and chips restaurant behind Lord Chumley’s Fish & Chips in the central Okanagan. The Shady restaurant also finished number 3 in best tasting french fries. When you enter the restaurant you can see more than a half dozen awards that this restaurant has won for its Fish and Chips.

My husband and I ordered a half order of halibut and fries as well as a chicken fingers and fries. Yes, I ordered chicken fingers at a fish & chips place, but who cares, I love chicken fingers. Both dishes were excellent, although we were wishing we ordered the full order of halibut (because it was so tasty). I have to admit the "chips" were very good too and were almost cooked similar to New York Fries at the mall.

Our bill came to less than $15 which I thought was very reasonable and would definitely go there again because I still haven't tried their cod or their sea burger. I forgot to mention that the service was pretty darn quick too! So check it for yourself.

Shady Rest British Fish & Chips
1359 Sutherland Kelowna

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  1. 1

    Lloyd said:

    I would have to agree with your story but I could not imagine the size of your half order of Halibut. I decided to eat back at the resteraunt and order a 2pc halibut and chips. At the cost of 16$ with a 2$ tip, It was very disappointing to get home and find the 2 pcs of halibut were not much bigger than a hockey puck and when peeled the batter back, I was amazed that the fillets were no thicker than a 1/4"(not even as thick as a pencil). I felt completely ripped off. Maybe bad season or upset cook but its aggravating to pay that and still be hungry afterwards. IT was as if the fillet had been split in half and that was your two pcs. Two thumbs down....Im still hungry. Other wise the fries were good.

    Posted at 10:08 PM, on July 8 2009
  1. 2

    Scot. said:

    To say I love good fish and chips is an understatement, sadly in a nutshell Kelowna is really lacking in a good British style restaurant. The type of restaurant that presents consumers with freshly prepared food and good value for their money. We had tried a number of fish and chip outlets in town and the food was, to put it mildly, brutal.
    Overpriced and poorly cooked was normal, in any event we decided to try the Shady Rest for lunch one day, after all they had won numerous awards. We each ordered the two piece fish and chips, I asked for a coffee, was given a cup, poured my coffee, no cream in sight, I asked for cream and was told by the surly young lady there is none, we only have milk with her back towards me. The fish and chips were without a doubt the worst I have ever been served.
    The batter was dark brown and crunchy, and when you managed to break your way through it the thin piece of fish inside was like cardboard, fries were dark brown and badly overcooked the oil was in sad need of replacement. A very disapointing experience indeed, on the subject of British food, there is a food market out in the Mission district called Sunshine Market, they have a guy from the U.K. there, real nice man by the name of Dave he makes British style pub pies. You never tasted anything like this they are stuffed full of steak in an awesome pastry absolutely delicious,,,,,,,about time someone produced a great meat pie.

    Posted at 06:19 AM, on October 18 2009
  1. 3

    Cloe said:

    I was just reading the postings for Shady Rest fish and chips and i have to tell you i am SHOCKED. I have been gowing there for about 25 yrs and now my children and even grand children go for there fish and chips there. It is by far the best fish and chips not only in town but perhaps the valley. I do love my fish and chips and have always had great service and very speedy. The girls there are great very friendly and the Owner who has owned it for as long as i have ever been there is generally there during the day which is when we go so its nice to see a familar face he always makes a point of saying hi as if we are old friends. Such a great place, so again if you have read the above i say try it for yourself i can almost garantee if you like fish and chips you will enjoy this little jem.

    Posted at 04:30 PM, on August 18 2010
  1. 4

    Brad said:

    Best fish n chips I've had in Kelowna, and I have never experienced the small portion sizes lloyd describes.

    Posted at 09:17 PM, on November 24 2010
  1. 5

    Barbara Turner said:

    We had been going to the Shady Rest for fish & Chips since the early 1950's. It is the greatest! When ever our "whole" family gets together - like today for Mothers Day, we always order Shady Rest Fish and Chips. Everyone can hardly wait tell they arrive in the newspaper (please never change this) and the Halibut is so delicious! The fries are fabulous and if you are fry lover, these are the ones, get get a huge amount.

    Posted at 01:09 PM, on May 8 2011
  1. 6

    Aditi said:

    Thanks for sharing your opinion Barbara!

    Posted at 05:49 PM, on May 16 2011

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